Motivation for OSMBC

In 2015 i joined the Wochennotiz team. I just would like to help in OSMFoundation questions, collecting and formulate infos about the OpenStreetMap Foundation.

The team worked with Rizzoma. They put they collected links in and they formulate their texts in markdown in the system. Rizzoma supports comments on single items, and informed the editors about any change and new comments via email.

At the end they copied their commented markdown and threw out all unnecessary texts. With an online markdown to html converter they produced the WordPress article. This was the first time they have seen their texts in HTML.

I have tried one time to publish a WN on this basis, and i failed.

But it looked like, they did not found a software fitting better to their needs.

I just had big respect for this highly motivated team, repeating “very stupid manual” work every week, to give you an overview about all the news in the OpenStreetMap universe.

After publishing the Wochennotiz, an increasing team of translator started to generate several languages or the german Wochennotiz, some waiting for the english translation.

It looks like that there was room for improvement in the production process.

I had my first programming experience with web applications done with OSMCount, after a longer abstinence in my professional career.

The mix of help a team to throw away boring work and having some fun with programming let me start the development of OSMBC.

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