Welcome To TheFive.info

Why another blog ?

I am several years working for OSM, you know me as Christoph (TheFive).

I have started as a mapper. First i have collected data for my home regions. The experience, i have made, i have used to do some quality assurance with several OSM QA tools.

But I was always looking for a possibility, to do something for OSM beside the pure mapping.

I have tried several ways to do so:

  • Collecting data from public authorities
  • Motivate the community by organising common weekly tasks
  • Implementing software for the common weekly task (OSMCount)
  • Implementing software for the WeeklyOSM Team. (OSMBC)
  • More software in the pipeline…

Some points I did more erratic than it should be.

My goal is to share experience for this kind of “work” and give other people the chance to see, what they can do for the community behind mapping.

This kind of blogs i simply can write down in my OpenStreetMap Blog, but Thomersch has told about Hugo (a static website generator) in his podcast Mikrowelle. This has made me curious.

Writing a software for collaborative work on blogs (OSMBC) that are published with WordPress has motivated me to have a look at static website generators like hugo.

That are enough reasons to start…


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