Discontinue Calendar Service

Calendar Services

During the development of OSMBC, I also tried to parse the wiki calendar and offer separate services (OSMCAL) for this purpose.

Looking back at last year, however, I find that I didn’t have the time to do this in the quality I desire. Since July 2017 the service is closed, because I could not follow syntax changes in the wiki.

However, the Wiki Calendar supports now also hCalendar microformats, so that the approach of me to parse the wiki itself is obsolete and led to unnecessary syntax discussions on the template page.

I can’t make these architectural changes at the moment, first attempts were unfortunately unsuccessful.

In view of my time constraints, I have therefore decided to discontinue bug fixes in this area with immediate effect and to discontinue the complete service as of January 1,2018.

I assume that with the new possibilities and the right technologies in the background, the most important core of my services, the transformation of the Wiki calendar into the weeklyOSM format, can be rapidly redeveloped and that someone in the OSM community will find themselves able to take over this.

The integration into OSMBC should then be no problem via a corresponding Web API (which would still have to be defined).


Thanks “deepl.com” for translation.

Update November 2017

User SunCobalt has build a new parser for the wiki calender, that was successfully integrated in the WeeklyOSM publishing framework. So there is no reason not to continue publishing the Calendar in the WeeklyOSM.

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